Online Marketing for Real Estate

In the era of “Digital 4.0” where information is linked globally and in fast phase, the customers are searching and buying

online more than ever on numerous platforms.

Their transactions can be easily done on any desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart wears etc. The sales and marketing trend of the real estate market have been therefore heavily affected. The trend moved from traditional techniques to a more online-oriented approach and it is a great opportunity of the developer to “understand” and “get inside” the behaviours of these online consumers.

Wealth Property 24 is highly expertised in digital marketing. We provide a comprehensive plan of action for the entire real estate project including the effective sales and marketing strategies for combined online and offline platforms. Our services will cover the project concept design, website design and content, customer experience plan, and brand awareness. All these services will be integrated to effectively and efficiently communicate with the target customers of the project.

Please contact Mr. ศุภภัฎ นทีวัฒนา (Tel: 080-919-1464) for further details of this consultancy service.