Development Consultancy

Development Consultancy

Being successful in developing the real estate project will rely on the 360-degree perspective of the entrepreneur.

Our service starts with the creating the conceptual idea until the refined outcome is produced for the distinct project in terms of the design, strategic planning, and feasibility analysis of finance, sales, and marketing. All these outcomes shall be adapted to respond to the needs of the customers which currently are in fast-changing trend.

Our team has a full knowledge and understanding of the real estate market in Thailand.  With over 10 years of expertises and experiences in the industry, we can professionally provide a recommendation and work with the entrepreneur from the very first step of project planning until the project is complete and publicly launched. We will help crafting the strategy as well as developing the unique selling point for the project to appropriately reach the target customers.

Land Selection

Land is one of the most important factors and costs for real estate development project. Thus, the capabilities to analyse the location, the utilisation of the land, and the accurate and precise value of the land, including the art and science of considering and selecting the appropriate locations, have also become helpful factors to greatly promote and help add value to the project.

Our experiences in providing consultancy service and being a real estate agent for both large-scale and small-scale developers allow us to be highly skilled in land selecting. We also specialise in conducting a feasibility study and strategic planning for each land unit in order to make the highest and best use of the land and create the sustainability.

Sales Management

Real estate business has been growing and changing rapidly with customers’ needs become more and more diversified and customised. The successful real estate projects must be able to respond to these unique requirements of the customers. They must also help add value and sustainability to the project and the entrepreneurs themselves.

Our team will cooperate and help the entrepreneurs in every stages of the process. This may include analysing the needs of the target customers, planning the sales and marketing strategy, setting up the selling points to differentiate the project from other rivals, conducting sales management to coordinate with the customers and give them the greatest experiences, and the final step of project delivery.

Please contact Mr. ศุภภัฎ นทีวัฒนา (Tel: 080-919-1464) for further details of this consultancy service.